The evolution of the number of confirmed cases in Catalonia is shown in this section, together
with an estimation of the real evolution by the model according to health regions, groups
age and overall gender. In all cases a forecast is also provided for the evolution of the next 7 days. Overall, the model estimates that in the period 01/03/2020
to 13/05/2020, 92,469 cases of COVID-19 have occurred in Catalonia, of which there were registered 59,887. That is, 54.41% of cases (32,582) would not have been registered in the system.

Data from Sistema d’Informació dels Serveis d’Atenció Primària (SISAP) of Catalunya.

PCR+ daily counts for men (H) and women (D) in Catalunya.
True registered (solid line), reconstructed (dash line). Predictions for the next 7 days
PCR+ daily counts by group of ages in Catalunya. Predictions for the next 7 days.
PCR+ daily counts by sanitary regions and sex in Catalunya. Predictions for the next 7 days.

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